Jayna Hoover, D.P.T.'15

StudentDoctor of Physical Therapy Program

Hometown: Ledyard, IA
Undergrad school: University of Northern Iowa
Major/minor: Exercise Science
Class: Doctor of Physical Therapy – Class of 2015

What is your advice for prospective students?

Apply early! You can be very organized prior to the PTCAS even opening. If your Pre-PT club has a meeting on how to manage the PTCAS website – go to it! It will be extremely helpful because the process is somewhat confusing.

Things you can have ready to go before it opens:

  1. Have all of your volunteer hours organized! PT’s names, emails, phone numbers, and facility name, how many hours, etc.
  2. Previous job locations and amount of hours worked
  3. CONTACT your REFERENCES EARLY! – Don’t wait until PTCAS opens to contact and ask. Contact them early (even months early) so that they have a good head start. That way they are able to email their letter right when PTCAS contacts them.