Jamie Schumacher, PA'15

Schumacher, Jamie-54839
Student Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies

Hometown: Norwalk, IA

Undergrad school: Simpson College

My advice for prospective students.

First of all form good study habits now because they will come in very handy when you start the program.  Even if you do not need to study much now you may be surprised to find that you will have to study a little more when you start this program.  Being organized is very important because you will have a lot of information handed to you on a daily basis and you need to know how to use that information efficiently in order to keep up with studying for tests.

Why did I want to be a P.A.?

I have always wanted to work in medicine.  When I was a little kid I wanted to be a pediatrician.  Going back to school after having kids I decided that P.A. was the right profession for me.  I am able to work in medicine and see patients but I do not have to go through four years of college and then residency.  The P.A. profession will allow me get out there and do what I have always wanted to do in just a couple of years.

Career objectives

My career objectives have not been solidified as of yet but I think I would like to work in family medicine for a couple of years and then possibly go into surgery.  I am still open to pediatrics although that is not my first choice anymore.

What do I do when I am not studying?

Well when I am not studying, which is not very often, I mostly spend time with my family.

What is a typical day like at DMU?   What was surprising to you?

A typical day at DMU is basically eight hours in class with a one hour lunch break.  There is not much of a variation in the timing but the class schedule is varied.  It is different from undergrad where you go to class at the same time every or every other day with the same professor.  You will have classes at different times and varied professors who teach you according to their specialty.   I don’t know if I would say this was surprising but it was definitely one of the things that took a little while to get used to.

Why did you select DMU?

Honestly I chose DMU because I live here in the Des Moines area and I wanted to stay close to home.  I feel very blessed to have been accepted to the P.A. program at this school.  Not only does DMU have the best facilities and opportunities to learn they also have great professors.  The professors here are very kind and they are always willing to work with our schedules to meet with us and answer any questions we may have.

What is your favorite thing about Des Moines?

I love living in the Des Moines area because there are a lot of things to do and anything I would ever need is available to me within a 20 minute drive.  You can see a Broadway show at the civic center or go to Grays lake for a day of sunshine and sand.  You can ride a bike trail or go to a movie at one of the many theaters.  There are many places to shop and eat as well.  Des Moines is a great place to live, work and raise a family.