Willis, Heidi-39439

Heidi Willis, M.H.A.'11, M.P.H.'11

Hometown: Rochester, MN
Undergrad Major: Biology, Cytotechnology
Age: 29
Class: Master of health care administration – Class of 2011, Master of public health – Class of 2011,

Were you surprised by anything in the program?

I was really surprised at the credentials of the faculty – they are experts in their respective fields

Any advice for prospective students?

Whatever you put into your education, you will get back two-fold. DMU’s faculty are excited to help students pursue their goals. Reach out to them for assistance with schoolwork or mentorship.

Extracurricular activities:

Soccer, intramural volleyball at DMU, book club, volunteer for Catholic Charities

Why DMU?

My spouse was accepted into the doctor of osteopathic medicine program here at DMU; the school offered us both an opportunity to pursue our educational goals

Career objectives:

Hospital Operations/Project Management

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