Hartschen, Diane-39437

Diane Hartschen, M.H.A.'11

Hometown: Newton, IA
Undergrad School: University of Northern Iowa
Major: Marketing
Age: 44
Class: Master of Health Care Administration – Class of 2011

Were you surprised by anything in the program?

What surprised me about the program is that so many of the instructors are still working in the field in addition to their teaching responsibilities. The real-world experience that they contribute is invaluable.

Any advice for prospective students?

Talk with your academic adviser early in the process, and formulate a plan for taking classes that will fit with your existing commitments to work, school and family. Don’t take on more than you think you can comfortably handle. What you get out of the program is directly dependent on what you put in.

Do you take classes online or on campus? Which do you prefer?

I have been primarily taking courses on campus. This is the format I prefer, because I believe that I get more out of classes that meet face-to-face. I have really enjoyed meeting and getting to know so many interesting people who are all committed to making a difference in health care, whether as an administrator or a practitioner or both. Also, I have found that it is much easier to ask questions (and follow-up questions) and interact with the instructors and fellow students in face-to-face classes.

Extracurricular activities:

When I’m not studying, I’m exercising, listening to live music with my boyfriend Garry, spending time with family, volunteering with Iowa Homeless Youth Centers and attending Lutheran Church of Hope.

Why DMU?

I chose DMU because it is here in Des Moines so I could take courses on campus while still having the option of taking courses online. Additionally, DMU has a good reputation. But if I didn’t feel at home right away at DMU, none of these things would have mattered. The people are what make DMU a great school to attend. Faculty, instructors, advisors and fellow students have all had a positive impact on me and my academic career at DMU.

Career objectives:

My ultimate goal is to work for a health care organization that is a good fit for me, in a role that provides the greatest benefit to the organization by maximizing the use of my skills and experience.

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