Brittney Hawkins, PA'15

Brittney, Hawkins-54833
Student Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies

Hometown: Dike, IA

Undergrad school: University of Northern Iowa

What is your advice for prospective students?

Work hard in undergrad and not just study to pass the test, absorb as much information as possible in clinical experiences, and  have fun before beginning PA school.

Why do you want to be a PA?

I have always wanted to be a healthcare provider, and the PA track seemed to best fit me because of the short duration of the program. I also like the role the PA has in the healthcare team.

What are your career objectives?

At this time, I see myself working in a Family Medicine clinic, but I am also open to other areas.

What are your extracurricular activities at DMU?

I am involved in intramural volleyball and the PA club.

What do you do when you’re not studying?

I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, cooking, and running.

What is a typical day like as a student at DMU?

Go to class at 8 a.m., hour lunch break at noon, resume class at 1, get out at 5, eat supper, study, go to bed, and repeat. I do try to squeeze in a workout at least three times a week either in the morning before class or right after class in the evening.

Why did you select DMU?

I love the technology that we have here at DMU. The opportunity to be involved in the Standardized Performance Assessment Lab is incredible, we have an amazing anatomy lab, and I cannot wait to get in to the simulation lab. I also love the size of the campus, and the faculty are great!