The DMU Clinic is offering COVID vaccine boosters for everyone in the family following the latest publicly approved guidance. The DMU Clinic only offers the Pfizer brand at DMU, but it does not matter what brand you received for your first vaccine(s). So, whether you initially received Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, or Pfizer we are happy to provide your booster dose.

In order to be most cautious, we do not administer adult and pediatric COVID vaccines at the same time to prevent anyone from accidentally receiving the incorrect dose.

Call 515-271-1710 to schedule yours today!

After Your Covid-19 Vaccine

  • If you received your initial dose of the Covid vaccine from Des Moines University Clinic, we will be in touch to schedule your second and final dose. If you did not receive your initial dose from us please follow up with the healthcare provider who did administer it for your second dose. Please note, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is a single-dose vaccine.
  • Continue following safety guidelines, in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, by wearing a face covering and social distancing while in public and washing your hands frequently.
  • Monitor your health. Common symptoms following the first dose include the possibility of a sore arm, fatigue, achiness, slight fever, and chills. You may take over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, to manage these symptoms. Seek urgent medical attention if you are experiencing severe symptoms including, but not limited to, difficulty breathing, swelling of your face and throat, fast heartbeat, bad rash all over your body, or dizziness and weakness.

Need a Doctor?

Having a medical home is essential to your successful healthcare journey. Des Moines University Clinic Family Medicine is ready to be your partner on that journey where we can monitor your health for changes that may need additional attention. Appointments are available same day or next day for established patients.

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