Current Status

Updated November 5, 2021

DMU requires all individuals to wear masks while on campus. We believe masks can provide an added layer of protection for ourselves and others and minimize any disruption in our educational delivery plans.

We ask all members of our campus community to remain diligent in practicing the mitigation strategies that have been effective for our campus in the past, including social distancing as possible, good hand hygiene, and performing daily self-monitoring for symptoms. Anyone with symptoms or possible exposure to someone who is positive for COVID-19 should stay home and contact Vickie Behrends at or 515-271-1658.

DMU will continue with our discipline that has proven to protect us. In order to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus, DMU continues to require the following measures:

  • Campus buildings are DMU ID badge access only until further notice.
  • We are still limiting visitors to our campus. As needed, directors, program and department chairs may approve visitors to be on campus by emailing approval to and include the date, room/location visiting, the purpose of visit, visitor(s) name and organization. Approved visitors are required to wear a mask and check in at the Facilities Management/Security Office at the start of their visit. After screening, they will be provided a visitor ID badge.
  • Our goal is to maintain a safe environment on our campus for our academic programming, so we have made the difficult decision to not allow children ages 0-high school on our campus at this time. This includes school tour groups and children of our students, faculty and staff unless it is a program organized by the Department of External and Governmental Affairs such as the Back to School Physicals. We do encourage our student clubs to be creative and to reach out and use facilities such as Wesley Acres and their community center room for ongoing programming with groups such as the Geriatric Club and to follow CDC guidance when indoors. We hope to revisit this at the end of the calendar year if vaccinations of this age group have been approved and the vaccination rates are at an acceptable level for us to maintain a safe campus.

Reported Cases

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Osteopathic Self-Treatment to Promote Health and the Body’s Ability to Fight COVID-19

For those at risk of infection or already testing positive for COVID-19, osteopathic self-treatment can promote optimal breathing and circulation to support the function of the immune and nervous systems. Watch the video and learn more.

Preparing for online courses

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