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Current Academic Year Course Syllabi

1st Year Courses
PSYC1105 Behavioral Medicine Syllabus
BIOC1102 Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Syllabus
HIST1106 Cell Biology Syllabus
HLTH1107 Clinical Medicine Syllabus
OSTE1102 Fundamentals of Patient Safety I Syllabus
PATH1109 General Pathology Syllabus
OSTE1122 Geriatrics Syllabus
ANAT1101 Gross Anatomy Syllabus
MICR1103 Microbiology and Immunology Syllabus
HMNTS1111 Intro to History of Medicine Syllabus
BIOE1120 Intro to Medical Ethics Syllabus
PHYS1116 Intro to Physiology Syllabus
ANAT1104 Neuroanatomy Syllabus
OMM1101 Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Syllabus
OSTE1103 Professional Certifications I Syllabus
2nd Year Courses
LAB2115 Basic Surgical Skills Syllabus
SYST2101 Cardiovascular Syllabus
OSTE2125 Clinical Reasoning Syllabus
SYST2144 Dermatology and Allergy Syllabus
OSTE2104 Early Clinical Experiences Syllabus
SYST2106 Endocrine Syllabus
HLTH2103 ENT Syllabus
OSTE2120 Evidence Based Medicine Syllabus
OSTE2102 Fundamentals of Patient Safety II Syllabus
SYST2111 Gastrointestinal Syllabus
SYST2103 Hematology Syllabus
OSTE2124 Infectious Disease Syllabus
OSTE2140 Intro to Clinical Clerkships Syllabus
BIOE2120 Medical Ethics II Syllabus
PHARM2115 Medical Pharmacology Syllabus
SYST2141 Neurology Syllabus
SYST2116 Obstetrics and Gynecology Syllabus
OMM2101 Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine II Syllabus
HLTH2104 Ophthalmology Syllabus
OSTE2119 Preventive Medicine and Nutrition Syllabus
OSTE2103 Professional Certifications II Syllabus
PSYC2107 Psychiatry Syllabus
SYST2105 Renal Syllabus
SYST2114 Respiratory Syllabus
OSTE2133 Rheumatology and Orthopedics Syllabus
3rd Year Courses
OMM3101 Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine III Syllabus
OSTE3144 Clinical Rotations  
OSTE3151 Intro to Health Systems and Policies Syllabus
OSTE3160 Clinical Comprehensive Exams Syllabus
4th Year Courses
OSTE4144 Clinical Rotations