Pelvic Health

Pelvic health conditions, such as pain, incontinence, urinary urgency or frequency and bowel dysfunction are treatable with physical therapy.

In the DMU physical therapy clinic we emphasize the latest research, self-reliance and effective, yet gentle, hands-on treatment.

All sessions of a sensitive nature are carried out in our private, comfortable treatment room and your physical therapist promises to listen carefully to your needs. Expect your first visit to last about 90 minutes. We will spend as much time as necessary discussing your history and conditions and help you understand your symptoms and the anatomy involved. That same day we will most likely assess your posture, muscle strength, flexibility and low back, hip and pelvis mobility.

Depending on your diagnosis, we may or may not elect to perform an internal vaginal or rectal exam to determine the condition of your pelvic floor muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles are just like any other muscle in your body, except they are located inside your pelvis and are hard to reach externally. These muscles can be tight, sore, long or weak, and are best reached vaginally or rectally for assessment and treatment. Treatment may consist of soft tissue massage, trigger point treatment, stretching, strengthening or muscle retraining (some people hold their pelvic floor muscles in a tightly contracted state and don’t know it).

If your primary complaint is urinary or bowel dysfunction, we will discuss helpful behavioral changes, such as diet and urge suppression techniques. You may be asked to fill out a bladder diary, consisting of how frequently you urinate, the beverages you drink and details about your urinary habits, such as how often, how much and what activity you were doing when you leaked or experienced urgency. This information can help your physical therapist decide on a bladder or bowel retraining schedule to help you regain control.

Des Moines University Physical Therapy Clinic is also a teaching clinic. A student may participate in your physical therapy care.

Below are some of the pelvic issues we can assist with:

 Abdominal and pelvic health reading & videos

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