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Council of Presidents

Council of Presidents is an integrated, collaborative and interdisciplinary student advisory body for Des Moines University and the Office of Student Services for issues and matters affecting the university’s student body.  It is composed of the presidents and vice presidents of all classes and all Student Government Associations on the campus.  The Council meets bi-monthly; one meeting occurs during the noon hour (closed meeting) and one meeting occurs in the evening (open to all DMU students).  During noon hour meetings, University departments and administrators present information from their respective areas to allow for proactive discussions, feedback and leadership assistance to the University to support shared governance.

Information pertaining to the Council of Presidents’ evening meetings:

  • Evening meetings allow for all DMU students to present ideas, concerns, opportunities and/or issues to the Council of Presidents during the Community Forum section of the agenda.  Each DMU student is allowed up to two minutes to present their ideas, concerns, opportunities and/or issues to the Council of Presidents during the Community Forum.  Students that are unable to attend the evening meetings can provide information to be taken up by the Council of Presidents by emailing  These written communications will be presented to the Council of Presidents on a monthly basis.
  • All matters taken up by the Council of Presidents regarding ideas, concerns, opportunities and/or issues must be approved by two-thirds of those members present in order to present to the DMU administration.
  • Each member of the Council of Presidents has one vote and there will be no seniority within the Council of Presidents.
  • The Council of Presidents will request that student members rotate responsibility in overseeing the collection and distribution of monthly evening agendas, including the minutes pertaining to the evening meetings.
  • University Committees that request members of the Council of Presidents nominate, approve and appoint student members to serve on University Committees have the authority to do so by two-thirds of members present during the meeting in which the students’ names are presented.
  • Staff will be present during the evening meetings but will not facilitate the evening’s discussion.  Staff will only speak when requested to provide further information to students on a specific topic or issue related to the discussion.

Examples of discussion topics include but are not limited to:

  • Information technology;
  • Fulfilling DMU’s strategic plan, mission and values;
  • Organizing and/or supporting university-wide events, co-curricular programming and social planning;
  • Enhancing, marketing and communicating university-wide on student professionalism and the Professional Integrity Code in conjunction with the Faculty Professionalism Committee;
  • Providing ideas and areas of opportunities related to student support services and resources; and
  • Expanding campus improvement and sustainability, community service and outreach, and leadership development (i.e. Innovative Leadership Series).

The Council of Presidents will also advise on policies for student health insurance, club operations, and other university policies and procedures that affect student welfare. For more information please contact the office of Student Life.