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Des-Moines-CapitalWhat are my options?

Des Moines University is optimally located for easy access to downtown Des Moines and local suburbs. Grand Avenue is full of apartments and condos within walking distance of the campus. If urban dwelling isn’t your desire, Altoona, Johnston, Pleasant Hill, Urbandale, West Des Moines and Windsor Heights are within a 20-minute commute.

Need a roommate?

About 50 percent of DMUstudents find roommates via the Classifieds on DMU Pulse or the class Facebook group.

Need a place?

More than 60 percent of DMU students live within a 10-minute walk from campus. Find your place:

What’s normal?

The following prices are average from Des Moines and suburb rentals:

Efficiency $611
1 Bedroom $698
2 Bedroom $781
3 Bedroom $1,034

Where have previous students lived?

The following is a list of residential options DMU students have used:

DMU does not endorse any apartment complex. Please do your own research and visit properties that may meet your personal needs. Properties and experiences vary from year to year.

Complex Commute Address Contact
3000 Grand Apartments 3-minute walk 3000 Grand Avenue, Des Moines 515-244-3000 or 866-367-2999
3031 Grand Avenue Condos 3-minute walk 3031 Grand Avenue, Des Moines  
500 31st Street Apartments 3-minute walk 500 31st Street, Des Moines 515-255-0253
4220 Grand Ave. Apartments 14-minute walk 4220 Grand Avenue, Des Moines 515-255-0253
Alta Casa 10-minute walk

3927 Ingersoll Avenue, Des Moines

888-317-9115; 515-208-5826

Broadmoor at Jordan Creek 20-minute drive 6565 Wistful Vista Drive, West Des Moines 515-225-6123
Cambridge Court 15-minute drive 1225-11th Street, West Des Moines 515-225-8600
Chapel Ridge Townhomes 21-minute drive 6200 Clark Lane, Johnston 515-251-4592; 866-319-5597
Country Club Village 18-minute drive 1200 Office Park Road, West Des Moines 515-223-1180
Des Moines House Rentals Single family homes   515-279-4699
Drake West Village 5-minute drive 1315 31st Street, Des Moines 515-255-0370; 877-851-9285
Four Seasons 10-minute walk 3003 Woodland Avenue, Des Moines 515-274-3351
Gateway Lofts 5-minute drive 1719 Grand Avenue, Des Moines 515-280-1962
Grand Colony 2-minute walk 2824 Grand Avenue, Des Moines 515-279-52760
Grand Prix 1-minute walk 3205 Grand Avenue, Des Moines 515-255-6677; 888-692-4783
Grand Terrace 5-minute walk 2917 Grand Avenue, Des Moines 515-243-1388
Hamilton Apartments 6-minute walk 2825 Grand Avenue, Des Moines 515-255-1716; 866-979-1619
Hampton House 15-minute walk 4200 Grand Avenue, Des Moines 515-255-6727
Imperial Apartments 1-minute walk 3407 Grand Avenue, Des Moines 515-255-6677 or 888-560-3456
Ingersoll Square 10-minute walk 1900 High Street, Des Moines 888-310-9674
Ingersoll Towers 10-minute walk 3662 Ingersoll Avenue, Des Moines 877-680-4577
KLC Property Management Single family home rentals   515-224-7212
Maple Grove Villas 20-minute drive

8602 Westown Parkway,

West Des Moines

Meadow Chase 20-minute drive 5234 Boulder Drive, West Des Moines 515-226-8569
Meric Properties 3-minute drive

527-35th Street, Des Moines


Normandy Terrace 15-minute drive 1201 Office Park Road, West Des Moines 515-225-6700
Olde English Village 15-minute drive 1800 Grand Avenue, West Des Moines 515-223-1010
Park Avenue 9-minute drive 4400 Park Avenue, Des Moines 515-246-1360 or 888-373-2248
Pleasant Court 5-minute drive 717-17th Street, Des Moines 515-244-1534
Regency Woods Apartments 12-minute drive 1137-11th Street, West Des Moines 877-829-9672
Reilly Grand Apartments 1-minute walk 3213 Grand Avenue, Des Moines 515-991-1943
Riverpoint Lofts 10-minute drive 340 S.W. 7th Street, Des Moines 515-221-6209
The Seville Apartments 6-minute walk 3707 Grand Avenue, Des Moines 515-224-0511
Signature Place 20-minute drive

210 S. Prairie View Drive,

West Des Moines

515-226-0202 or 1-877-792-7420;

Sun Prairie Apartments 18-minute drive 5901 Vista Drive, West Des Moines 1-877-251-9975; fax: 515-226-0817
Turtle Creek Apartments 15-minute drive 225 Prairie View Drive, West Des Moines 515-224-0864
Waukee Family Townhomes 20-minute drive 1300 S.E. Jonas Circle, Waukee 515-216-1031
Whisper Ridge Apartments 18-minute drive

9005 Bridgewood Boulevard,

West Des Moines

515-664-8754; 877-608-7869
Windsor Square Apartments 12-minute drive 900 65th Street, Windsor Heights

515-274-2519; windsorsquare@

Winwood Apartments 20-minute drive 6031 Meadow Crest Drive, Johnston 877-537-3571