A destiny discovered on the farm

“Love of the land” is one reason Stacie Kasper, D.O.’12, wants to practice rural medicine. She’s also motivated by the opportunity to be a physician, counselor, teacher and advocate for her patients, the chance to become a community leader and the lasting relationships she’ll form with those in her care.

Embrace the new by keeping the patient front and center

Today, health care providers have work-hour limits, kinder and gentler physician and resident education meetings, electronic records and robotic surgery. They have the Accountable Care Act and new standards for practice improvement. But embracing all that’s new shouldn’t mean forgetting the past.

Sensible steps toward a better health care system

Amid uncertainty about changes rendered by the Affordable Care Act, it could shift our nation’s focus from a disease-centered health care system to one with greater emphasis on preventive care – an approach in alignment with osteopathic medicine.

D.O.s offer benefits, not buzzwords

How can DOs distinguish themselves beyond buzzwords like “holistic”? The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine National Student D.O. of the Year, DMU’s first student to receive the honor, offers five ways the profession can move forward.

What should we eat?

Even as we know we should eat “right” and exercise, we’re bombarded with a veritable buffet of unhealthy food options, confusing dietary information and aggressive food marketing campaigns. What’s a body to chew?

The essentials of effective leadership

A physician, professor, former secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and a hero in both higher education and health care, Louis Sullivan knows what makes good leaders. One of his tips for people with power: Give it away.

DMU student earns American Lung Association award

Laura Hoffman was an eight-year-old kid at summer camp the first time she was offered a cigarette. She turned it down. As a teen, she watched her mother struggle with – and succeed in – quitting smoking. She’s now helping others kick the habit as a volunteer with the American Lung Association.

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