MHA student contributes to Free Clinics of Iowa project on Social Determinants of Health

Patients who seek services from Free Clinics of Iowa (FCI) often struggle with access to a variety of resources in addition to health care, including limitations in food security, clothing, housing, transportation, insurance assistance and technology access points, among others.  …

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What they did this summer

No relaxing beach time for these high-achievers: Five DMU students spent their summer conducting research, producing reports and planning programs and events for the World Health Organization and one of its public health agencies, the Pan American Health Organization. Their experiences further ignited their professional passions.

Helping a hurting Haiti

Amy Borden takes notes on a Haitian family. Among the many memories DMU students acquired in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, the visual images stick like one’s t-shirt in the island nation’s oven-like temperatures: the once-beautiful capitol building in ruins. People eating and …

Helping a hurting Haiti Read More

How to communicate effectively

Most of us can relate to two workplace nightmares: being held hostage in a boring, unproductive meeting and feeling the heebiejeebies of having to give a presentation. DMU’s master of health care administration program can help. Through a unique agreement with Toastmasters International, DMU offers two courses designed to enhance students’ communication competency.

Got a back-burner project? He’s got a light

We all have them: those worthy projects on our to-do lists we can’t seem to get started, much less completed. Marilyn Alger, education coordinator for the Iowa Department of Public Health, and her colleagues found a way to finish one of theirs that’s now serving the entire department and their profession.

Bringing together health care and the law

In the intertwined worlds of health care and the law, knowledge isn’t just power; it’s imperative. To help its students gain that knowledge, in addition to course offerings, last fall DMU became the first master of health care administration program to sign an alliance agreement with the American Health Lawyers

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