The Phoenix physician

With all the discoveries that have remarkably advanced medical care, we have a delivery system characterized by a shortage of primary care physicians, high expenditures on chronic disease and pressure to improve efficiencies and access. The “Phoenix Physician” must rise out of the ashes of this outdated system.

A mover (literally) and shaker in DMU’s history

Throughout Roger Senty’s years as a student and faculty member at the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, now DMU, its leaders had talked about upgrading and relocating the institution. He ultimately was the one who got the job done.

Fertile Ground

Health care providers may be scarce as hen’s teeth in rural areas, but that paucity is producing a bumper crop of employment opportunities for health care professionals ready to embrace the perqs and quirks of rural practice. Here are some ways the University, individuals and organizations are sowing interest in rural medicine.

Great minds, new discoveries

DMU is working strategically to guide and grow its research enterprise, an ongoing effort much like research itself. Building knowledge in four areas of emphasis – cardiovascular sciences, movement science, public health and pedagogy in the health sciences – will likely benefit students, patients and entire populations.

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