Alumni Reunion 2010

One of the pleasures of getting older is reconnecting with “old” friends, as many did during the third annual DMU Reunion Aug. 13-15, 2010.

Mother Load

Elizabeth Ceballos and Alyssa Rammer emphasize the key role family and friends have played in their lives. But the force fueling their success is the women themselves. Becoming a mom was not anywhere near Alyssa Rammer’s to-do list. A biology …

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Double Duty

“House calls” has an entirely different meaning for these DMU students, who successfully juggle family life with the heavy lifting of medical school.

Helping a hurting Haiti

Amy Borden takes notes on a Haitian family. Among the many memories DMU students acquired in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, the visual images stick like one’s t-shirt in the island nation’s oven-like temperatures: the once-beautiful capitol building in ruins. People eating and …

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Global health trip to Guatemala

In a mountainous village in Guatemala, Natalie Hinchcliffe positioned her stethoscope on a female patient’s chest. Not a sound from the woman’s left lung field. Now what?

Superheroes of song

Members of the DMU Choir and String Quartet juggle classes and tests. They excel on board exams and clinical rotations. And somehow they’re able to meld medicine and music, masterfully. Can these people fly?

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