Adam Burdorf, D.O.’09

Adam Burdorf, D.O.’09, is an assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine, internal medicine department. He also serves as medical director of the mechanical circulatory support program; medical director for the cardiovascular progressive care …

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Rachel Tate, D.O.’09

Rachel Tate, D.O.’09, is a physician with Arthritis and Rheumatology Associates of Palm Beach, FL. In addition to her practice, she contributes to the largest online news source for rheumatologists,, where she serves as expert faculty. Her clinical interests …

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Christopher Mulder, D.O.’09

Christopher Mulder, D.O.’09, joined Iowa Digestive Disease Center as a gastroenterologist in Clive, IA, on Aug. 3, 2020, after separating from the U.S. Army in June.

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