Stepping out for great reasons

Known for their community service, DMU students were again out in full force this fall. As volunteers and fundraisers for worthy medical causes, they continued to help make life better for others – although they would tell you they’re the ones who reap the benefits.

How to get kids moving

While most people think of a triathlon as an endurance sport for just the very fit, Hal Hatchett, D.P.M.’00, considers it a combination of the activities kids love – swimming, bicycling and running. After he and his family moved last …

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How to choose shoes

One of the worst things women do to their feet is wear high-heeled, high-fashion shoes, says Jill Frerichs, D.P.M.’01, assistant professor in the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. Here’s how to kick the evil shoe habit: Stand up straight …

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