Keeping doctors down on the farm

With its Area Health Education Centers program and new rural medicine scholarship, DMU is bringing health care to underserved areas, today and for the future.

Coming together on health care

If America’s health care system were a patient, its doctor might declare “code blue.” Our health status is vulnerable at best: The United States spends more per capita on health care than other industrialized nations yet performs poorly–37th in the most recent World Health Organization ranking–in many key outcomes, such as obesity and infant mortality.

William Anderson: Never Quit

Born in the segregated South, Anderson was determined to become a doctor at a time when many African-Americans had limited access to basic health care.

Not just a pretty face!

Hundreds of actors have played health care roles on TV and in movies. But an actor in real health care? Meet Dan Deublein, future physician assistant.

In the heart of Harlem

Starting a medical school anywhere is daunting enough. But when Martin Diamond, D.O.’62, was invited to help with such an effort in Manhattan, he agreed only if the school would be located in a neighborhood with few doctors, high needs and a rich history.

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