Applying to DMU’s clinical programs

rollingadmissionYou might have noticed while perusing the website that each program uses the term ‘rolling admission’. The admissions office receives quite a few calls about this so I wanted to take some time to clear up how this impacts an application.

There is still a deadline for each program. However, don’t view the deadline as a buffer which allows you to delay your application. For all clinical programs, this is a major application mistake. An early application, meaning within the first three months of the application being open, provides you a better chance at being offered an interview. Not only does the term ‘rolling admission’ apply to interview offers, but typically to scholarship offers as well. The early bird does get the bird in most cases.

If you interview early, then you will get accepted early, and therefore your file is typically reviewed for scholarship opportunities earlier as well. Rolling admission doesn’t simply apply just to a centralized application. Letters of recommendation, if required, must also be submitted. It is the applicant’s responsibility to work with their letter writers to get the letters to the school or application service in a timely fashion. Constant application material reminders are a thing of the past – applicants must exercise proactivity to assure all materials have been received.

Towards the end of each application cycle, only the most highly competitive applicants are being offered interview invitations. That means only those with above average academic portfolios, experience, and overall highly competitive applications will be invited. All programs have the publicized class averages. Use this information to analyze the competitiveness of your application. Admission committees review applications with these academic numbers in mind. Be realistic with yourself and don’t spend money applying to schools where you are unlikely to be competitive.

Clinical exposure varies and therefore any experiences with a licensed health professional, specifically in your desired discipline, will aid your application. Depth is always better than breadth when it comes to shadowing. Building professional relationships while gaining clinical exposure will hopefully enhance your letter of recommendation. Take note if programs have a specific number of clinical hours required.

If your application is weak in one particular area, use the ‘rolling admission’ application cycle to your advantage and APPLY early! 

Visit the Des Moines University Admission page for more information.

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