Areas of Research Emphasis Named

Des Moines University Office of ResearchAfter an analysis of Des Moines University’s strengths, publications, presentations and needs on campus, the Office of Research has named its four areas of research emphasis:

  • Movement science – The study of human movement from basic mechanical to clinical interventions across the entire patient lifespan.
  • Pedagogy in the health sciences – The science of educating health care professionals using best practices and innovative approaches.
  • Cardiovascular sciences – The underlying causes and best interventions of the pathologies in the heart and blood vessel wall that contribute to cardiovascular disease.
  • Public health – The science of protecting and improving the health of communities through research for disease and injury prevention and the overall science of human health and well-being.

Current funding trends and faculty interest were also taken into consideration in deciding on these areas of emphasis. While DMU will focus on these areas, it in no way lessens the value or ability to do any other type of research at the University.


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