Grab some popcorn & a soda, it’s movie time!

Today Metromix Des Moines picked their favorite movie theaters in the area which makes a nifty lil guide for next time you wanna catch a flick.

I happen to know DMU students are fond of the Cobblestone 9 theatre on Tuesdays when they have $1 popcorn, $1 drinks & $2.50 candy. Or, if you go between 4 & 6 p.m. any day, it’s $4 for a ticket which is a steal!  (also, FYI, Carmike’s website has $3 off the Alice in Wonderland 3d movie for this weekend!)

Of course, it’s probably cheaper most days to rent a movie & pop your own corn. Netflix has a free trial period & so does Blockbuster if you’re into getting movies delivered to your door!

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