Moving to Des Moines – questions?

sticky-notesThe ‘for rent’ signs are popping up all over Grand as our grads head out for residencies and jobs. For those of you preparing to move here or recently moved here, what questions can we answer?

Wonder where to live? Check out or or

Wonder what you’ll have to do here? Visit or There’s lots to do here for people with ALL kinds of interests and hobbies! Des Moines was even chosen, recently, on a list of top ten vacation spots! Here’s that site’s description of the area. Or here’s USAToday’s look at Des Moines revitalization over the last few years!

Where will the kids go to school? Here’s info on Des Moines Public Schools, Catholic schools ( or, Christian Schools ( or, or some homeschool groups ( or three sisters).

What else can I answer for you?? Please post comments on what information would be helpful to you and I will find resources or people to ask!

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