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Doctor of Physical Therapy Class of 2018 Guide

Congratulations on your acceptance to the doctor of physical therapy program at DMU – we hope you’re excited to join us in the summer! Below is a list of items to be completed prior to matriculation in August 2015. Please review the items and develop a plan to complete all requirements by the deadlines.

What you should do right now

Seat deposit

Your conditions of enrollment agreement form requires a $250 seat deposit by a specific date. Please submit the non-refundable deposit by this date using this online form. Your deposit is used to open an account and is credited to your tuition when you register.

Conditions of enrollment agreement

A copy of your conditions of enrollment agreement was emailed to you following your acceptance. Please read this information carefully and return a signed copy to the admissions office by the deposit deadline and keep a copy for your records. If we have listed transcripts, prerequisite coursework, observation or official GRE scores as outstanding conditions, please be certain you have a plan for meeting these conditions prior to matriculation, as your enrollment is contingent upon them.

Planning ahead to Spring 2015

New Student Pulse and email

In early 2015 you will receive information on how to access the New Student Pulse and your DMU email address. Pulse will provide the majority of necessary information for your transition to DMU, including:

  • Financial aid

    Financial aid information will become available in March 2015 and will be posted on Pulse. You may begin the FAFSA application in January 2015.

  • Background checks

    All students must complete a background check by the DMU selected vendor prior to enrollment. If you have a pending misdemeanor or felony which results in a conviction, it is your responsibility to immediately inform the university. You are required to inform the university of any charges or convictions which occur following completion of the initial criminal background check. Information regarding this requirement will be sent directly to students in May 2015.

  • Physical examination/laboratory tests and immunizations

    You must submit a current physical examination, certain laboratory tests and immunization records prior to matriculation. This detailed information will be located on Pulse.

  • Health insurance

    Des Moines University requires that students in clinical programs provide proof of health insurance coverage at registration.  Students may obtain insurance through DMU, or may elect coverage through a parent or spouse.  Additional information regarding health insurance requirements will be provided in the spring.

Planning ahead to Summer 2015


Housing is abundant in the Des Moines area, and students in the past have found the greatest number of rental units become available in mid-May. It is the responsibility of each student to locate and secure suitable accommodations. To assist you, Pulse contains the “DMU Classifieds” which serves as a posting board for housing and roommate needs. The University acts solely as a facilitator in hosting this forum.

Housing handout from interview day


There is a one-time $200 per car parking fee. You may register your car on Pulse and pay the parking fee in late July.


In your first year, tuition will be collected in two equal payments, in August and January. Tuition and fees are established by the University’s Board of Trustees each spring and collected by the Accounting Office. 2014-2015 D.P.T. annual tuition was $23,036. (Tuition and fees are subject to change.)

Books and equipment

Required and recommended textbooks and equipment are available from Matthews Bookstore on campus. We urge you to not purchase books until you get the list during orientation and see exactly what is required, recommended and which editions will be used.


Please plan to attend mandatory sessions beginning Monday, August 3 through Friday, August 7, 2015. The full schedule of events will be available on Pulse in early summer. At orientation you can expect to meet your classmates and advisor, learn how to navigate the transition to physical therapy school, technology overview, professional integrity code, attend class meetings and learn about all the essentials at DMU.



Classes are tentatively scheduled to begin August 7, 2015.

View a typical PT student schedule

We look forward to seeing you in August! Email us with any questions.