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2nd Look

For students admitted to Des Moines University, we offer a Second Look Day. Second Look Day will be held on March 27, 2015 and is available to all applicants accepted to DMU’s clinical programs. Second Look Day provides an additional opportunity to learn about student life in greater depth than was possible during the interview day. This provides an opportunity to meet faculty with whom you might be interested in doing research, to meet with current students and an opportunity to explore housing options.

Event Schedule

 9:15-10:00am Check-In
Olsen Center
 10:00-10:15am  Welcome
 10:15-11:00  Large Group Presentation
 11:10-11:50  Individual Program Class Meetings
 12:00-1:15pm  Lunch/Panel with Current Students
 1:00-3:30pm  Resource Fair
 1:30-2:00pm  Breakout #1
 2:00-2:10pm  Break
 2:10-2:40pm  Breakout #2
 2:40-2:50pm  Break
 2:50-3:20pm  Breakout #3

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are still being finalized and could be added/deleted from this list.

  • Global Health Options
  • Dual Degree Possibilities
  • OMM
  • Human Performance Lab
  • Research Opportunities
  • Physical Therapy
  • Support Panel

We recommend using the remainder of the afternoon to look at housing options. Some area apartment complexes are having open houses related to 2nd Look Day. Please contact individual property management companies on your own to inquire about residential viewing options.

Questions? Contact Marianne Moser at or call 515-271-7854.


 View a list of hotels in the area.


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