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ACMG goals

The primary focus of the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) is to improve health through the use of medical genetics.  In order to accomplish this ACMG outlined 5 goals:

  • Define and promote excellence in medical genetics practice and the integration of translational research into practice;
  • Promote and provide medical genetics education;
  • Increase access to medical genetics services and integrate genetics into patient care;
  • Advocate for and represent providers of medical genetics services and their patients; and
  • Maintain structure and integrity of ACMG and its value to members and the public.


Goals of the ACMG at DMU:

  • Advocate for students, staff, and community physicians in the area of medical genetics
  • Provide students with the opportunity to research and present case studies.
  • Elevate our medical genetics education to the top National tier by integrating regularly scheduled grand rounds with local physicians and residents.
  • Promote intra-disciplinary genetic education between all of the programs offered at DMU.
  • Provide a firmer genetics syllabus for students electing to take USMLE examinations.
  • Provide a forum to review and discuss USMLE standard practice examination questions