Power Restored - 11 August 2020, 2:21 pm

The Power has been restored on campus. Activity will resume under the current COVID guidelines. The Clinic will remain closed today and resume normal operations tomorrow.

Mark Peiffer, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at Des Moines UniversityMark Peiffer
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Shannon Bingaman, Des Moines University AccountingShannon Dario
Payroll Administrator
Dorothy Eggers, Des Moines University AccountingDorothy Eggers
Accounting and Budget Specialist
Sandy FarrisSandy Farris
Accounts Receivable Administrator
Victoria Harper-Halverson
Fiscal Operations Administrator
Jarren Hummel, Des Moines University AccountingJarren Hummel
Selena Lundin, Des Moines University AccountingSelena Lundin
Contracts and Insurance Administrator
Kari Mihm, Des Moines University AccountingKarie Mihm
Assistant Controller
Katie Neubauer, Des Moines University AccountingKatie Neubauer
Accounting Administrator
Dan Schmitz, Des Moines University AccountingDan Schmitz
Student Accounts Administrator
Paula Vande Kieft, Des Moines University AccountingPaula Vande Kieft
Staff Accountant
Jessica Walker, Des Moines University AccountingJessica Walker
Accounts Payable Administrator

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