Ready, set, run

This time of year may find you chomping at the bit to ramp up your outdoor running routine. Maybe you’re training for a marathon or other distance race. Or perhaps you just want to shave off a few pounds, enhance your overall health or reduce stress through exercise. Here are tips for avoiding injury as you hit the road or track.

Live Smart, Spring 2011
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Kevin Ware

Around the world in two minutes

Crushing polar ice, swimming at the North Pole and “polar bear baiting”: An alumnus and pilot takes us to the top of the globe.

Alumni News, DMU Profiles, Spring 2011
Phillip Arnold

Doctor on the downhill

A decade ago, Phillip Arnold, D.O.’01, served on the base camp team that helped the first and only blind man to reach the top of Mount Everest. He’s had a wild ride ever since, taking care of mountain trekkers and members of the U.S. Ski Team as well as his patients at home in Wisconsin.

Alumni News, DMU Profiles, Spring 2011

DMU moves to give alumni a greater voice

In recent years, DMU’s three alumni boards –one for each college – have generated benefits and opportunities for fellow alumni and students. Now the University is restructuring the boards to sustain their good works, give all graduates a greater voice and create opportunities for more alumni to get involved.

Alumni News, Spring 2011
Dan Kraeger

A changed perspective on global health

Dan Kraeger, D.O.’87, speaks with passion about global health service. But when he was invited to go on his first service trip in 2005, to Bolivia, South America, he didn’t want to go. “How much can I do in a week? How much can I really change?” he asked himself.

Alumni News, DMU Profiles, Spring 2011

DMU alumnus, clinic team save a limb – and a life

One balmy evening 11 years ago, Edgar Gomez-Palacios was walking to his San Diego home when a car struck him, leaving him in the street with a compound leg fracture and future health care nightmares. Fortunately, the intervention of DMU’s Foot and Ankle staff reversed his fortunes.

Alumni News, Spring 2011
Open Door

First-time experiences often launch great enterprises

From a new president and a new era at DMU, from new adventures undertaken by alumni to a newly structured DMU Alumni Association board of directors, we celebrate several “firsts” in this issue. When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

Spring 2011, View Point