Cover story: Family practice


Double Duty

“House calls” has an entirely different meaning for these DMU students, who successfully juggle family life with the heavy lifting of medical school.

Cover story: Family practice, Fall 2010

Mother Load

Elizabeth Ceballos and Alyssa Rammer emphasize the key role family and friends have played in their lives. But the force fueling their success is the women themselves. Becoming a mom was not anywhere near Alyssa Rammer’s to-do list. A biology and psychology double major and gymnastic team member at Hamline University, she had been using…

Cover story: Family practice, Fall 2010

You can meld marriage and medical school

Any spouse will tell you that a good marriage requires work. And any medical school student or graduate will tell you that that level of professional education requires arduous study. “Put those two together, and you have your work cut out for you,” says Lynn Martin, Ph.D., DMU’s director of educational support services. “Spouses often…

Cover story: Family practice, Fall 2010

A support network for those we love

Sheila and Michael Drnec would strike you as a couple deeply in love. Nestled in comfy chairs in the Student Education Center, they laugh together often, talk about the things they love to do together, and share their excitement for the day when Michael, a software developer, can use his expertise to set up electronic…

Cover story: Family practice, Fall 2010
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