Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a great match!

The D.O. matches (how a student knows which residency program they’ll be going into) were out on valentine’s day and my husband got the wonderful news that he matched at his #1 choice program for general surgery. I am so excited for him! Of course, part of it was his grades, another part was his […]

— Tea Nguyen

The little things

The road to becoming a physician is a long one indeed. In my personal case, since I’m leaning towards the field of cardiology, I have three years of internal medicine residency followed by three years of cardiology fellowship after finishing my four years of medical school (which, of course, I could only begin after four […]

— Nathan McConkey

Crockpot hen & potato

After making this dish, I spent little time thinking about taking a picture and instead scarfed it down in a matter of minutes. I’ll try to get a picture next time, but I promise this is easy-breezy poultry that you have to keep handy for last-minute meals. Ingredients 1-2 Cornish game hen (or whatever poultry […]

— Tea Nguyen

Since you last heard from me….

Nearly 3,000 miles were put on my car, I visited 7 states (skied in 3 of them) and completed a health promotion practicum over my extended break. However now I’m back in Des Moines and school is back in full swing!

— Jubil Young

Exploring the neighborhood

This past year living in Michigan for rotations has been such a blur. It is very different from Des Moines when I only lived four miles away from school. Now I live at least 10 miles from everything like work and my favorite restaurants. What I’ve found to help me explore my new neighborhood is […]

— Tea Nguyen

Podiatry residency interviews

If you’re seeking for advice on how to prepare yourself to be the best interviewee ever, I’m the wrong gal. But I did want to share my experience of the incredibly stressful day I experienced recently. I don’t recall having felt so anxious on any other day of my entire existence! I already knew I […]

— Tea Nguyen

Where’s my pasta sauce?

I always have leftover cooked pasta in the fridge and my favorite quick food is pasta with tomato sauce. Except that today, I didn’t have the prepared jar of spaghetti sauce to satisfy my cravings! I was in dire need of a carb loading session since I am just days away from my residency interview […]

— Tea Nguyen

The Shift before Christmas

Today, in the spirit of the season, I’d like to share a piece of poetry that I’ve just concluded as a departure from my usual blogging style. In recognition of the men and women who continue to work in EMS and emergency rooms across the country this holiday season, I’d like to present my latest […]

— Nathan McConkey

Keeping warm? Don’t forget about the pooch!

What better way to say you love your pet than a super warm sweater? How about some booties to protect their precious paws? These latex booties can be bought at any pet store or online. The gal that sold them to me said these were popular with pet owners because they are cheap and disposable […]

— Tea Nguyen

How do you eat your gravy?

I was looking for gravy recipes online and I couldn’t believe how many variations exists! I just wanted something to go with my meatballs and so I made one up. Pretty tasty, give it a try: 1 can condensed cream of chicken & mushroom soup 1 can beef broth ¼ cup flour dash of garlic […]

— Tea Nguyen

TGI Black Friday

As soon as the Thanksgiving festivities were concluded this past Thursday, I immediately rushed home to begin my preparations. Time was of the essence, and an opportunity awaited that comes not but once a year. Late that night, after scouring the internet to plan my course of attack, I fished out my winter wear and […]

— Nathan McConkey

Instant doc, just add med school

With Thanksgiving break rapidly approaching, I feel as though I ought to share a peculiar observation with my friends and classmates before they return home to visit with loved ones. Though we still have quite a ways to go on our quest to become doctors, many of our friends and family members believe the change […]

— Nathan McConkey

The flow of being a student

Life as a first-year student has been all about flow and in my first weeks I had none. Switching gears from working all day to attending school all day was tough in the fact that everyday we had a different class schedule. Throw in remembering lab clothes, a lunch, student ID, classmate names, locker combos […]

— Jubil Young

A scoop a day

Second-year D.P.M. student Nettie Bartel writes about one of her favorite foods & shares the best places in Des Moines to satisfy your sweet tooth: There are some foods exceptionally superior to others that they deserve their own food group. For my family and I, it’s ice cream.  It was a part of any celebration […]

— Andrea Cooley

Like a great monster panting for breath…

Dr. William Child, a surgeon in the civil war, once wrote that “After a great battle, the whole Army is like a great monster panting for breath.” The same could be said for a class of medical students after a difficult exam. Indeed, I like to think that Dr. Child drew from his own experience […]

— Nathan McConkey

Behavioral med in video games

So med school has definitely started picking up at this point – we’ve already had several exams, with three more to come in the next two weeks (including our first anatomy exam, which consists of two parts totaling four hours combined). I must say, they’ve certainly begun to lose their novelty. In undergrad, tests are […]

— Nathan McConkey

Bucket list?

I know, I know, the movie is now old news but the term has stuck! Des Moines’ Juice Magazine recently did a feature called “I never…” in which staffers tried new things & reflected on some cool things they had done in the past. Which lead me to wonder what all of you had on […]

— Courtney Tompkins

It’s September already?

You haven’t heard from me for a little while because I haven’t done anything new (still on rotations in Michigan) I haven’t cooked anything new (still eating frozen food) The dog has consumed my free time But I have started a new audible book with the cheesy title, “How to Win Friends & Influence People” […]

— Tea Nguyen

So wrong & yet so right….

It was wrong…it was scandalous…it may or may not have been some incarnation of evil itself. And yet, I still couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it. On one hand, it was the most diabolical creation in all of the culinary arts, and it might single-handedly oppose all that I work for as a […]

— Nathan McConkey

Victory and a look ahead

We’ve finally done it. We survived high school, we made it through college intact and endured one of the most rigorous academic selection processes in history. But now, all of that’s behind us. Now, we get to enjoy our reward – four years of mind-ripping semesters packed with 26 credits each, a rapid immersion into […]

— Nathan McConkey