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Score! Fun night out for cheap!

  Hockey? In Des Moines?  To that I say: as a matter of fact, yes!?? I’ve been a lifelong hockey fan. To me, there’s no other sport like it – it’s such a fast-paced sport, the game can change faster than a 100 mph slapshot. It’s one thing to watch on TV, but it’s completely […]

— David Lay

How tweet it is!

You’re probably looking at this photo thinking, “Why would those people wear such silly sweaters, let alone three of the same?” Well, those are just three of the 80+ people that attended last night’s Epic Ugly Sweater Party at Impromptu Studio, one of many Tweetups in the Des Moines area that happen pretty regularly. This Tweetup, however, was […]

— David Lay

DSM – eat your heart out!

I have to admit, before moving to Des Moines I had a lot of misconceptions about the city. As a self-professed fan of all things gourmet, finding great food was definitely on my shortlist. Coming from a city (Cleveland) that’s home to an Iron Chef (Michael Symon), I had high expectations, and Des Moines hasn’t […]

— David Lay

Doing a Good – In DMU’s Backyard!

DMU has many opportunities for volunteering and outreach around the world, but did you know there are also plenty of opportunities right here in Des Moines? The Des Moines Art Center is a world-class, critically acclaimed art museum with two locations in Des Moines – the Main Gallery, 4700 Grand (a 5-minute walk west from […]

— David Lay