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DMU has a bit of a cycling culture, and for several years now, we have sponsored a group of riders on the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI), which takes place the last full week of July – often the hottest week of the year. So it seems somehwat fitting to invite DMU […]

— Seth Stevenson

Iowa still rocks

You may have heard a loud “whooshing” sound late last Thursday night or early Friday morning – it was the sound of thousands of media and political types leaving Iowa and heading for New Hampshire! Yes, Iowans did themselves proud and turned out in record – HUGE record – crowds for the Iowa Caucuses. The […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Quick chuckle

A bit cheesy, but quite entertaining…. here’s a video of one guy’s trip around our state to see the beautiful, bizarre and crazy Iowa sites: YouTube vid of ‘Dancing in Iowa‘ That’s all for now, folks…

— Courtney Tompkins

A Newcomer’s Perspective

Interested in learning more about Des Moines University? I was in your shoes about seven or eight months ago. I know what you’re thinking – her title says “Admission Coordinator,” so how could she have been in my shoes? Well, while you’re looking at DMU as a potential school, I was looking at DMU as […]

— Seth Stevenson

Interesting visitors on campus

Regardless of politics, it’s pretty cool to hear a presidential candidate first-hand. It seems like DMU is a hot-spot for politicians lately! Senator Joe Biden even chose us as the location to unveil his healthcare plan! If you missed seeing Senator Biden at DMU, watch it on youtube: Biden at DMU

— Courtney Tompkins

Come to the DMU tent at the state fair on August 12!

August 12 is Des Moines University day at the Iowa State Fair! Stop by our tent on the Grand Concourse! We’ll have freebies like temporary tattoos, bandaid dispensers, spray hand sanitizer, pens and magnetic shopping lists! If you take a health quiz you can take home a free ballcap! Pick up some materials to learn […]

— Seth Stevenson

Some history

Des Moines University is the second oldest osteopathic school in the United States. We’ve built on a proud history and success since the very first class in 1898. Click here to see historical photos of DMU

— Seth Stevenson

DMU Blog needs your help!

The DMU blog needs your help!!! If you’re a student, grad or visiting prospective student….tell us what you think of DMU! Show us the photos you have of campus, events, classmates, etc. Pass along your own videos (have a digital camera? you can take a video!). Send us a message with your thoughts or DMU […]

— Seth Stevenson

Events, Events, and more Events

So, I neglected to get an updated up on here to follow up from my last events blog so I am going to let you know now what is happening over the next month. Like to hear it, here it goes… Lisa will be at UT-Austin on 02-21 and UTSA on 02-22. These are both […]

— Seth Stevenson