New members join DMU board

The DMU Board of Trustees welcomed three new members in 2014 and will add two more in March. At its December 2014 meeting, the board approved the appointments of Marcia Grassman Hammers, B.H.A.’88, R.N., FAHM, CHC, and Nicki Nigro, D.P.M.’89, FACFAS. Hammers is a senior health care consultant at Wellmark Inc., Blue Cross and Blue Shield […]

— Barb Boose

Todd C. Peterson, D.O.’09

Dr. Peterson is finishing a fellowship in adult reconstruction orthopedics at Southern Illinois University. His family is moving back to Des Moines so that he can join the team at Capital Orthopaedics in Clive, IA. They welcomed their second daughter, Charlotte, in October 2014.

— Alumni Relations

Anatomy word of the month: pituitary

“Mucus, phlegm” in Latin.  Ancient anatomists thought the pituitary produced the mucous secretions of the nose.  The pituitary is a pea-sized gland hanging from a stalk on the undersurface of the brain.  It is well protected in a bony depression, the sella turcica, in the floor of the cranial cavity.  The gland is located near […]

— Bill Dyche

Thomas F. Babcock, D.O.’88, Ph.D.

Thomas Babcock, D.O.’88, Ph.D., was among the authors of the article “Aiming for remission in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: the primary care goal,” published in February in Postgraduate Education. He is associate director of scientific publications, medical affairs, with Shire Pharmaceuticals in Wayne, PA.

— Alumni Relations

Thomas S. Haas, D.O.’88, FCAP

Thomas S. Haas, D.O., FCAP, an anatomic and clinical pathologist at Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center in Janesville, WI, is a co-author of five recently published research papers. Two were published in the journal Applied Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Morphology of the Society for Applied Immunohistochemistry: “A New Rabbit Monoclonal E-Cadherin Antibody [EP700Y] Shows Higher Sensitivity […]

— Alumni Relations

Omar Lateef, D.O.’99

Dr. Omar Lateef is the new chief medical officer at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. He is a pulmonary and critical care medicine specialist and an associate professor of pulmonary medicine. “I am extremely excited to continue the great tradition of advanced health care at Rush,” he said.

— Alumni Relations

Steven I. Seidman, D.O.’83

Steven I. Seidman, D.O.’83, will be honored as a fellow of the American Osteopathic College of Radiology, earning the designation FAOCR, during the annual convention and awards ceremony on April 22 in Las Vegas. He is a neuroradiologist with the Michigan Institute for Neurologic Disorders, or MIND, in Farmington Hills.

— Alumni Relations