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Fear and loathing at the fiscal cliff

The many consequences unfurling from the legislation that kept the nation from falling over the fiscal cliff last week include changes to health care (you can find links to coverage by various media outlets here). While resolution of the nation’s fiscal situation is far, far away, the bill’s effects on health care include the following: […]

— Barb Boose

Do extra pounds make you live longer?

Recent research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association sounds like the perfect post-holiday gift to anyone who resembles Santa a bit more than prior to the season of celebrations: A review of 97 studies involving a combined 2.88 million people on the relationship between body weight and death risk concluded that overall, […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: blueberry crumble

Colder weather, especially on weekends, turns my culinary inclinations to heartier breakfasts. Sorry to admit that I prefer to indulge my sweet tooth with my cup of coffee, which makes me love this recipe for more than its utter deliciousness: It’s easy to fix, doesn’t require any exotic ingredients (trust me when I say frozen […]

— Barb Boose

Research Symposium follow-up

The 2012 Des Moines University Research Symposium was held December 6, 2012. It was another successful year with a great turnout! This year the number of attendees kept steady at 152, the exact number as the previous year’s symposium in 2011. The Office of Research is happy to report that the total number of presentations […]

— Mollie Lyon

Friday recipe: soy protein chili

As temperatures here in Des Moines dip, I think it is time to bust out the dutch oven and cook up some hearty (and healthy) soups. I received this recipe the other week from the fabulous crew in the Wellness Center and even got to sample it while there. It is perfect for those cold […]

— Nicole Branstad


What better way to spend the holidays than listening to our Des Moines University choir sing carols. ENJOY MORE! Joy to the World/Deck the Halls O Come All Ye Faithful/Carol of the Bells O Holy Night/O Magnum Mysterium

— Nicole Branstad

Friday recipe: healthy party egg rolls

I love egg rolls and spring rolls and cinnamon rolls – wait, cross out that last one; there’s enough temptation in the air this season without bringing on the gooey. Egg rolls and spring rolls, on the other hand, can be both relatively healthy and utterly delicious with the right mix of flavorings and prepared […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: roasted cauliflower with sauce

Anyone who thinks the Internet is a death knell for printed cookbooks hasn’t been in a book store lately. Or, actually, on the Internet, where I found T. Susan Chang’s delightful reviewof her top 10 cookbooks for 2012. Chang, who regularly reviews cookbooks for National Public Radio, tagged her picks as “a year of contrarian […]

— Barb Boose