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Community service at DMU

 During my undergraduate work I was very involved in both the community and the university — it was what made life enjoyable. I thought coming to medical school would all but put an end to most of those activities due to time constraints and limitations on activities/service events available. I also figured that any service […]

— Jeremy DeFoe

Wait a year or proceed directly to med school?

Recently I have been talking with some of my senior undergraduate friends about the medical school application process. A lot of them have submitted through AACOMAS and/or AMCAS and are starting to fill out the secondary forms and schedule interviews. As a veteran of that process, they have come to me asking for advice about […]

— Jeremy DeFoe

Three months already?!

  It’s hard to believe, but I have already been a medical student for three months (that is 1/16 of my med school career if anyone was wondering). In the beginning of August we arrived on campus with our orientation schedules in hand, anxiously awaiting what was to come. At that moment, few of us […]

— Jeremy DeFoe