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Thank you, Mrs. Lundstrom (or Lunchroom, if you’re a kindergartner) I am sure everyone can think back over their educational career and know there were a few significant people that stand out who helped us along the way in one way or another. There are also people in your everyday life at work or in […]

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Upcoming CHS Alumni Association events

We have many ways for you to get involved with the CHS Alumni Association if you haven’t already joined us for one of the past activities. Here are just some of the upcoming events: graduation activities at the end of May, the annual alumni reunion in August (which has many, many activities for all ages) […]

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An intro to CHS Alumni Association!

Welcome to the first official blog from the College of Health Sciences Alumni Association. Many of you may not know about our group, so I thought I would make the introduction. Our Alumni Association is a comprised of all the College of Health Sciences programs and many functions are collective activities with students &/or staff […]

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