National Employee Health and Fitness Month

June 4, 2013 —


This June, we are promoting National Employee Health and Fitness Month to our employees here at DMU. It is a way to continue incorporating physical activity and nutrition into everyone’s daily routine. Having people aware of activities that are being offered to them throughout the year, and getting them to try new activities is a good way for people to find something that they may enjoy doing.

We will be hosting a Fit Friday event each Friday throughout the month of June outside the Wellness Center on the SEC lawn. Activities will include a group walk, yoga, Frisbee, badminton, and bags games. Employees will receive a weekly log where they will record all physical activity they have done throughout the week. To receive Well Bucks and a prize at the Wellne$$ Pay$ Finale, employees must complete various task like attending group exercise classes, coming to Fit Friday events, and turning logs in each week with at least three days of activity.

There will also be a nutritional component each week including a sample of a healthy snack and recipe. We will also be giving out informational handouts about various topics of wellness. These may include stress management, exercising in the heat, benefits of walking, etc. We want this month to be both informational as well as a fun way to get employees active throughout the month of June.

The DMU wellness staff are masters of balance. They motivate members of the DMU community by both challenging and empowering us in the group workout classes they teach and in the individual counsel they provide. They offer healthy cooking/eating sessions in the wellness center kitchen that balance good nutrition, great taste and relative ease of preparation. They're constantly seeking and providing new ways to get and stay healthy while emphasizing that simple exercise, such as taking a 10-minute walk break, is good, and that everyone can do it. Plus our wellness staff are wonderfully fun people to be around!