Always impressed

February 16, 2012 —

DPM programAs always, we are continually impressed with our students here at DMU.

It was another excellent year for board results for the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery(CPMS) program here at Des Moines University. The class of 2012 sat for Part II of the American Podiatric Medical Licensing Exam earlier in January. The first time pass rate for CPMS was 93% compared to a national first time pass rate of 82%. The Part I first time pass rate reported earlier this year for the class of 2013 was 98% compared to a national first time pass rate of 85%.

Congratulations to the students, faculty and staff for a job well done.

With a deep love for her hometown, Nicole Branstad is pro-Des Moines and is constantly touting its many events and attractions. When she isn’t out exploring the city she likes to spend time with her husband Marcus and their son Everett. She enjoys hosting lavish dinner parties, collecting wine and buying fresh flowers at the downtown farmer’s market. Nicole works in the marketing & communications department as the online marketing-enrollment coordinator.