Celebrate National Radiologic Technology Week!

November 7, 2011 —

Yesterday, Nov. 6, marked the beginning of National Radiologic Technology Week, celebrated annually to recognize the vital work of R.T.s across the nation. According to the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), the celebration takes place each November to commemorate the anniversary of the x-ray’s discovery by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen on Nov. 8, 1895.

Radiologic technologists shed a lot of light in health care.

The week-long celebration notes the important role medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals play in patient care and health care safety. Educated in anatomy, patient positioning, examination techniques, equipment protocols, radiation safety and basic patient care, radiologic technologists perform diagnostic imaging examinations and administer radiation therapy treatments. To become registered, they must complete a formal education program and pass a national certification examination; they must earn continuing education credits to remain registered.

The DMU Clinic’s top-quality radiology services include diagnostic x-rays, bone density testing and whole body composition analysis. All DMU radiologic technologists are certified and trained in their area of expertise.

Given the importance of imaging exams in health care, R.T.s are key members of medical teams. Hats off to all the individuals working in this profession!

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