Ready for zombie attack?

June 14, 2011 —

I’m a big fan of “Shots,” and, no, not the kind tossed back in one’s you-should-know-better years – it’s National Public Radio’s health blog. I was particularly amused by reporter Scott Hensley’s post earlier this spring about the plan the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued for dealing with a zombie apocalypse.

The CDC’s recommendations include stocking abundant emergency supplies of drinking water, nonperishable food and medicines; determining where you’ll take shelter; and establishing contingency plans with loved ones on where to meet up in case you get separated.

Ironically, the CDC might be ready for a zombie attack, but it wasn’t ready for assault on its website that the zombie plan generated: The online traffic overwhelmed its server, causing its site to crash.

Do you think the CDC’s zombie plan was a good way to achieve the agency’s goal of getting Americans to prepare for more likely natural disasters? Or was it an idea that should have…um…never seen the light of day?

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  • Taylor @ Idaho Real Estate

    I think the ad was a great idea in the way that it would attract all sorts of audiences and hopefully start some of them thinking about natural disasters.  Few people are truly prepared for earthquakes, tornadoes or tsunamis.

  • Kevin Hanigan

    Certainly a good way to connect to the “emerging” adult generation. CDC should definitely use more pop culture parallels to spread information, though there is a fine line between humorous association and ridiculousness.

  • Shourov Foisal

    It was a good idea for keeping peoples health. I think it was not an attack but an accident. Good ideas should always be hold up. CDC should go on to save people with all its resources.