SOS to feed students Saturday

April 20, 2011 —

Significant Others Support (SOS), the organization for spouses and significant others of students attending Des Moines University, is hosting its last Feed the Students event for the year this Saturday, April 23, at 9 a.m. in the SEC Commons for second-year medical students who are participating in the Kaplan study course. SOS will offer baked goods, fruit, yogurt, juice, soda and coffee during the first break at 9 a.m. We hope that all second-year students studying their hearts out on Saturday will take this opportunity to feed their brains while they fill it with board knowledge.

This is the fourth Feed the Students event that SOS has hosted this school year, and I want to thank all the volunteers for providing food and time away from their busy calendars. The students appreciate it! Also thanks to DMU for providing some of the food for this last event!

Students, we’ll see you on Saturday. Study hard!

Michael Drnec is a software developer for Sum Total Systems in West Des Moines, and an avid technology enthusiast. He is husband to fourth-year D.O. student Sheila Drnec, and president of DMU Significant Others Support (SOS) organization, which offers a unique system to help people connect during the grad school years. Mike and Sheila moved here from Chicago and found Des Moines to be a surprisingly rich and entertaining city. Aside from keeping up with technology, Michael, with his wife, likes to travel, home brew, watch movies and British TV comedies, play tennis, and spend time with his 2 cats (Beeble and Trillian) and 2 German shepherds (Winnie and Wolfie).