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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a great match!

The D.O. matches (how a student knows which residency program they’ll be going into) were out on valentine’s day and my husband got the wonderful news that he matched at his #1 choice program for general surgery. I am so excited for him! Of course, part of it was his grades, another part was his […]

— Tea Nguyen

Friday recipe: gluten-free blueberry clafoutis

A few weeks ago, Dr. Melita Schuster from the DMU Clinic gave a campus presentation on gluten-free diets. She talked about how gluten intolerance runs the whole range from sensitivity to severe, known as Celiac disease. The symptoms can range from pain to bowel, thyroid or reproductive issues. I found it personally very intriguing because […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Power Hour series begins tonight!

Tonight at 7 is the first session of our new Power Hour series in the DMU Clinic. It’s completely free, open to all, no RSVP required, and gives local athletes a chance to hear from experts on how to prevent or treat injuries! Tonight’s session is on running. The next one is March 30 on […]

— Courtney Tompkins


I know spring break fever is probably hitting folks about now while the sky is gray and and the grass is brown. Sometimes just putting your feet up in a different place helps clear your head and refreshes you! It doesn’t have to be an extravagant trip or week-long excursion. Des Moines is centrally located […]

— Courtney Tompkins

The little things

The road to becoming a physician is a long one indeed. In my personal case, since I’m leaning towards the field of cardiology, I have three years of internal medicine residency followed by three years of cardiology fellowship after finishing my four years of medical school (which, of course, I could only begin after four […]

— Nathan McConkey

Best chef? Best eats?

Carly Groben, chef-owner of Des Moines’s Proof and Flour restaurants, is up for the Best Chef contest run by CNN and “Food & Wine.” You should totally vote for Carly – her food is AMAZING (when you click the link to vote, scroll allllll the way down to register your pick!) and how much fun […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Friday recipe: pineapple ice cream

It’s been spring-like and sunny this week which turns my thoughts to ice cream and outdoor fun. (Who am I joking, I like ice cream year round!) I’ve really been trying to live more healthfully and to that end, I can’t eat ice cream as much as I’d like. This weekend I poured almond milk […]

— Courtney Tompkins

The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid

Stop what you are doing, go to the bookstore or library, and get this book (the title of the blog) right now! I’m being serious, because this is a must read book for anyone living in Des Moines and going to DMU. Did you know there was a world-famous author who grew up just two […]

— Michael Drnec

Moving to Des Moines

There are so many things to consider when picking your next place to live. Here’s a nice blog on things to consider about your potential new neighborhood! I know students for the incoming classes are already asking current students for recommendations on where to live. What other info should we share with these new-to-Des Moines […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Won’t you be ours?

Happy valentine’s day, lovely readers! On this day of warm fuzzies and mushiness, let us be clear in how much we appreciate you all. Whether you are a student, staff member, grad, patient or friend of the University, we are thankful to have you in the DMU family! Now remember to spend some time with […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Friday recipe: crepes to make you swoon

I am such a huge fan of crepes. Sweet, savory, plain — I love them. When we had special breakfasts growing up, my parents usually made crepes. They rock. I once wandered St. Louis on a COLD wintery morning with Andrea Cooley for a good 30+ minutes because we were told there was a crepe […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Do you Dwolla?

When thinking about what to write for the DMU blog, I naturally asked my wife Sheila for her opinion. She said “write about technology.” I couldn’t agree with her more, because I’m a geek and technology is what I’m most interested in. Believe it or not, Des Moines is home to one of the hottest […]

— Michael Drnec

Crockpot hen & potato

After making this dish, I spent little time thinking about taking a picture and instead scarfed it down in a matter of minutes. I’ll try to get a picture next time, but I promise this is easy-breezy poultry that you have to keep handy for last-minute meals. Ingredients 1-2 Cornish game hen (or whatever poultry […]

— Tea Nguyen

Friday recipe: jalapeno poppers

This weekend is the big game and everyone will want to indulge a bit. BUT if you’re charged with bringing a dish to the party, you may as well make yours at least semi-healthy, right? I’m hoping to try this EatingWell recipe: Jalapeno poppers (makes 12-18 poppers.) 12-18 whole fresh jalapenos 1 cup nonfat refried […]

— Courtney Tompkins