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World AIDS day

December 1 is World AIDS day. Wear red to show your support of AIDS awareness and recognize the millions living with HIV/AIDS as well as to remember those who have died. If you’re on campus, stop by the SEC Commons and pick up a red ribbon. Stay for a free presentation by the AIDS Project […]

— Andrea Cooley

TGI Black Friday

As soon as the Thanksgiving festivities were concluded this past Thursday, I immediately rushed home to begin my preparations. Time was of the essence, and an opportunity awaited that comes not but once a year. Late that night, after scouring the internet to plan my course of attack, I fished out my winter wear and […]

— Nathan McConkey

Happy thanksgiving!

Today I hope you are taking time to be thankful for your family, friends, home, job, education & the beauty around you. Take time to breath and appreciate. And have fun eating, playing/watching sports, shopping and enjoying the company of the ones you love! Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

— Courtney Tompkins

Friday recipe: green goddess dip

If you’re looking for a healthy appetizer for Thanksgiving or a holiday party check out this green goddess dip from Weight Watchers. It’s super easy – only 5 ingredients – and tasty on crackers, chips or veggies. Green Goddess Dip 2 cups fresh basil or cilantro leaves 2 cups fresh parsley leaves 1 cup chopped […]

— Andrea Cooley

Fireworks in November!

I love fireworks and shopping, so for me the annual Holiday Promenade in the East Village is pretty much a perfect evening. I can’t believe it’s this Friday already. The shops are open ’til 9 and many of them have snacks and hot drinks to share to help you get into the holiday spirit. There […]

— Andrea Cooley

Winter market!

The downtown farmers’ market is one of the best spring-summer-fall activities in Des Moines but we all miss it during the winter. I’m super happy the organizers have arranged for 2 winter markets again! The first is THIS Friday, 11-2, & Saturday, 9-1. The next is Dec. 17-18. They will be at Capital Square/Nollen Plaza. […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Thanksgiving plans?

Sometimes holiday plans are hard to schedule around school and students may not be able to travel home or make dinner on their own. For that reason, our Student Services department organizes a DMU Family Thanksgiving each year! The DMU celebration is on Thanksgiving and begins at 11:30, with dinner starting at 12:30. It’s a […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Justice Alfred D. Lerner Endowed Scholarship Fund

Alfred Lerner quit high school to enlist in the U.S. Army. He continued to benefit his country throughout his life, serving as a member of the New York State Assembly, administrative judge, presiding justice of the New York State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division and chair of the state’s Commission of Investigation. Justice Lerner served Des […]

— Seth Stevenson

Friday recipe: sweet potato casserole

Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away and I’m already dreaming about my favorite dishes: sweet potatoes and turkey. I know I can eat them all year round, but usually I only have them around the holidays. The sweet potatoes at my family’s Thanksgiving are usually full of brown sugar and topped with marshmallows, which […]

— Andrea Cooley

We salute you!

Today is Veteran’s Day, a time when Americans honor our veterans. Come hear one of our own, Lt. Col. Shawn Nessen, D.O.’95, speaking on campus today at noon in the SEC auditorium (see a campus map). He will be talking about his experiences as a caregiver in the Army and what it’s like to do […]

— Andrea Cooley

Cake, my favorite

I’m an emotional eater (bad, I know!) and therefore think cake or cupcakes could solve most of the world’s woes. There’s a cool event in Des Moines Saturday that prompted this admittance and spurred a cake-centric post… If you’re a fan of cakes you probably watch “Cake Boss” and might be excited to know Buddy […]

— Courtney Tompkins

PICA scholarship awarded

Two fourth-year podiatric students, Sarah Rincker and Scott Hoffman, were selected by the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery faculty to each receive a $2,500 scholarship sponsored by the Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA). The selection was based on academic performance, service and leadership. PICA is the nation’s leading provider of professional liability insurance […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Instant doc, just add med school

With Thanksgiving break rapidly approaching, I feel as though I ought to share a peculiar observation with my friends and classmates before they return home to visit with loved ones. Though we still have quite a ways to go on our quest to become doctors, many of our friends and family members believe the change […]

— Nathan McConkey

November is epilepsy month

How epilepsy-savvy are you? Take the quiz! I’d give you more info about what epilepsy is but then you’d have a foot up on the quiz so take it & report back on how you did! Help spread the word about epilepsy.

— Courtney Tompkins

Knock your socks off!

November is diabetes awareness month, and in honor of that, the American Podiatric Medical Association is sponsoring a video contest. The goal is to raise awareness about proper foot care for those who have or are at risk for diabetes. It is important to treat any complications from the disease early to avoid serious complications. […]

— Andrea Cooley

Friday recipe: Slow-cooked minestrone

It’s slow-cooker season! I love coming home from work to a ready-to eat meal. I’ve never made minestrone before, but this recipe from looks really hearty with all the beans and veggies. Yum! Slow-cooked minestrone 1 lb. boneless beef chuck, cut into 1/2-inch cubes 2 14-1/2-oz.cans  diced tomatoes with basil, garlic, and oregano (undrained) 2 14-oz. cans beef […]

— Andrea Cooley

Senior Health Fair

Saturday is a GREAT annual event at DMU — the Senior Health Fair! From 8 until noon, our students, along with some students from Drake & ISU, will give up their own time to help citizens 50 and older. I think students from all nine of our programs are involved in some way. Free screenings, […]

— Courtney Tompkins

The flow of being a student

Life as a first-year student has been all about flow and in my first weeks I had none. Switching gears from working all day to attending school all day was tough in the fact that everyday we had a different class schedule. Throw in remembering lab clothes, a lunch, student ID, classmate names, locker combos […]

— Jubil Young

Rocking rotations

I’ll admit, working at DMU and seeing our students and high-tech facilities on a daily basis may make us a little biased about how amazing they are, but here is more proof that it’s true. Kate Robbens, a third-year D.O. student shares her thoughts about how the first two years of the doctor of osteopathic […]

— Andrea Cooley