Serve the public good

September 27, 2010 —

Do you want to help identify and prevent health problems that affect communities and populations? With a master in public health you can be a health care leader in programs and policy-making in environmental health, air and water quality, disease control, education, disaster relief, research and more.

The M.P.H. program at DMU is geared toward working professionals. The curriculum links theory and practice allowing you to immediately apply the knowledge and skills you gain to your career. You can take classes online, on campus or a combination of the two. Part-time and full-time enrollment is available, and students complete the program in an average of 3 years.

Public health professionals promote wellness while conducting research, working with people or analyzing data in public health departments, hospitals, schools and research organizations. One of our alums, Juan Cadenillas, M.P.H. ’09, is a public health planner for the Polk Country Health Department in Des Moines. He is coordinating the implementation of the National Children’s Study in Polk County. It is the largest long-term study of children’s health ever conducted in the U.S.

Want to know if you’ll fit in? Learn about current M.P.H. students and see a list of their employers.

October 4 is the deadline to apply for classes starting in January. Learn more about admissions requirements and how to apply.

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