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Friday recipe: bean dip

Whether you’re a DMU student and have been in class most of the summer or you’re done with school, after-school or late-afternoon snacks are a great chance to sneak in some fruits and veggies. This bean dip from is similar to hummus (check out Marco from Summerfield’s recipe here) and is super easy to […]

— Andrea Cooley

Mark the calendar…

Some cool stuff coming up, peeps. Get out your dayplanner… The Latino Heritage Festival is Sept. 4-5 at Southridge Mall. Admission is $5 and the event includes music, entertainment, food & more! A benefit for African predators at the Blank Park Zoo on Sept 11. (You’ll even get a discounted ticket with student ID!) Register […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Go ride a bike!

Des Moines is making headlines again, this time with the launch of Bcycle. Right now the only other two cities with this are Denver and Chicago. Way to go Des Moines for embracing bike culture early on! The business model is based on the idea of  bike sharing. You can rent a bike from convenient […]

— Andrea Cooley

Anatomy word of the month: eustachian tube

Most anatomical terms are descriptive in Latin or Greek. However, “Eustachian” doesn’t mean anything. It is a term called an eponym. Traditionally, in anatomy the person who first discovered or described an anatomical structure was honored by having that structure named after them. Bartolommeo Eustachi (Eustachius), a sixteenth century Italian anatomist, described the tube that […]

— Bill Dyche

Research spotlight: April Newton

Newton is the director of clinical education and an instructor at Des Moines University in the doctor of physical therapy program. Her clinical practice primarily involves young adult to geriatric clientele in acute care and outpatient orthopedics. Her current research interests include clinical education, evidence-based practice and animal assisted therapy with the pediatric population. Current research […]

— Seth Stevenson