Rotations are fun, but exhausting!

June 29, 2010 —

I’ll be the first to admit that I hate sacrificing sleep time (well, who doesn’t?) but sometimes it is not a choice. I’ve always needed an exceptional amount of sleep to be fully functioning the following day, so I knew going into the medical field was going to challenge me physically.

I have had a wonderful month on my current rotation. A typical day starts at 6:30 a.m. and ends around dinner time, 5:30 p.m. During the day, it doesn’t feel all that bad because I’m up and running around, hanging out with patients (my only social time it seems) and learning a whole lot from other professionals. But by the time I get home, kick off my shoes, and do some reading on my bed, I feel the exhaustion kick in. I’ve found myself skipping dinner to catch up on sleep. My Fridays are the most uneventful because I’ll get home and clonk out for the next 14 hours. Amazingly, that seems to help me last throughout the work week.

How do you spend your Friday nights?

Tea Nguyen is a dual degree D.P.M./M.P.H. student at DMU. She was born in Utah but raised in California and left the great state to be at one of the best podiatry school in the country.

She has aspirations in international medical service trips and hopes to hit several continents during this lifetime. Traveling is also on the top of her to-do list and she often reminisces about her prior travels to Italy, France and Greece. She also enjoys eating adventures with her boyfriend Paul and is a major food-snacker. It is not uncommon to find her lapsed in a food coma in the middle of her studies.


  • MoneyKing

    My friday usually consist of all the things I havent done during the week.

  • Urmi

    I totally understand as something of this kind has happened to me too.This is life and the only option is to adapt as fast as possible which i believe,you do.My Friday nights are also not happening as on most occasions i end up doing my pending 3D projects as throughout the week i am working in office.

  • Jarret

    I went to medical school at the University of Alberta (in Canada). It sounds like there’s been a number of positive changes to the curriculum at that particular school for example.

    When I did my general surgery rotation, it was absolutely brutal in terms of sleep deprivation at the time. We started rounds at 6:00 am and if we had call (1 in 4), then we had to work until 6pm the following day! Usually, I would be lucky if I managed to get an hour or two of interrupted sleep the entire night.

    They’ve subsequently changed the programs so that medical students no longer do overnight call. Either way, the demands of medical school rotations can be a challenge.

  • Virtusync

    It is certainly a good experience to work in rotational shifts as this expose one to work in varying situation and factors. But I accept that these types of rotations are too tedious. So Friday afternoon is the best time to get motivated to start off with the pending works. I usually use this time for recreation.

  • Sleep Now

    Exercise! This is by far the best thing to do for your body to adjust to your new demanding schedule. I know it’s the last thing you want to do when get home but your body will respond with energy after about a week of just 30 minutes a day of exercising. Make this a habit everyday and you will have all the energy in the world and you will also sleep like a baby too!

  • Cup of Tea

    I always try to start an early morning with a cup of tea and a slice of bread.

  • Jayati

    I also can’t sacrifice my sleeping time. At friday I do all my pending works that i haven’t do in the week. And I planned what
    I will do in the weekends.