The roll out!

May 24, 2010 —

A little over a month ago we had our rotation roll out. The excitement in the air that day was crazy. We had been waiting a long time to find out and we were ecstatic the time was finally here. For me, I couldn’t be happier with my rotations.

Granted there are places I am going I don’t know a single soul and fear making friends, finding a place to live and not becoming a hermit. But overall I am beyond excited for the experience that lies before me. Our clinical coordinators spend hours working on schedules and making phone calls and I do not envy their job in the least bit. Plus, I trust they know way better than I do what rotations will challenge me and help me become the best healthcare provider I can be. So I am excited to step into the unknown and trust my expectations will be blown away.

For those of you wondering what my rotations are…I will share a few. The rotation I am naturally the most excited about is in Mali, Africa. I have been chosen to be a part of the team with Medicine for Mali. I am one of two students chosen from the PA 2011 class and hold the honor dearly. I can’t wait for the amazing opportunities I will have to care for and love the people of Mali. I am counting down the days till I get to meet the people I have prayed for and longed to care for, for such a long time.

Another rotation I am ecstatic about is my cardiovascular surgery rotation. I have always been so intrigued with the human heart and believe this will expand my knowledge in such a great way. My other rotations are all over the place: Des Moines, North Carolina, Cherokee, Ia, and many more.

I will keep you updated throughout the year about my time at these rotations and the awesome stuff I am learning. So wish me luck because I will need it.

Daley Dodd was born and raised in the little ol’ town of Newton, IA. Growing up involved sports, dance, clubs and anything under the sun that could keep the family busy. This busy bee life flowed over into her college years at Northwest Missouri State University. She was a member of the Northwest Dance team, taught dance at a local studio, a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority and involved in Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC). After college Daley journeyed on over to Europe and had the time of her life. While there she worked for CCC and got to experience new cultures, foods and people. After a year abroad her cravings for American food got the best of her and she came home. After living in Nebraska a year she decided to jump back on the school ship and came to DMU. She has loved her experience here so far and can’t wait for everything to come.


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    Firstly i would like to congratulate you Daley.Great to know about your rotations and the places where you will be placed.Don’t worry Daley,everything will go just fine.It will be a great opportunity for you to serve the people you’ve always wanted to.Do keep me updated.Would love to hear more often from you.Thanks a lot.