Crockpot resurrected!

April 28, 2010 —

Here’s a super easy recipe for a melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork sandwich.
1.   One can of beef broth
2.   1-2 pounds of pork ribs
3.   A bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce
4.   Your favorite bread to eat it with

Place beef broth and pork ribs in crockpot and cook on high for 4 hours. When done, meat should fall off the bone and into your mouth! Mix in your BBQ sauce and slather on a bun and call it good.

Hope you give it a try, it’s so easy people are going to think you slaved all day in the kitchen making it!

Tea Nguyen is a dual degree D.P.M./M.P.H. student at DMU. She was born in Utah but raised in California and left the great state to be at one of the best podiatry school in the country.

She has aspirations in international medical service trips and hopes to hit several continents during this lifetime. Traveling is also on the top of her to-do list and she often reminisces about her prior travels to Italy, France and Greece. She also enjoys eating adventures with her boyfriend Paul and is a major food-snacker. It is not uncommon to find her lapsed in a food coma in the middle of her studies.


  • Seth Stevenson

    Mmm BBQ. I might have to make this soon…

  • web design

    Wow…early morning great recipe to start the day with.Moreover i just love BBQ Sauce so all the more excited to try this one out as soon as possible.It’s damn easy too..maybe will try this one for breakfast tomorrow.Look forward to more such easy to make recipes from you.Thanks a ton.

  • Kelli Olson

    Tried this out this weekend – I also used our toaster oven to toast the bun a bit – helped add to the flavor. My husband LOVED it! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • bi9foot178

    My husband LOVED it! Thanks for the suggestion!