What are your passions?

March 18, 2010 —

Sorry I have been MIA these past few months, I am a slacking on that new year’s resolution to blog more!

Anyways on to my thoughts: I believe everyone has a passion. Something ingrained in their character and something that takes a huge part in shaping who they become. These passions bring out the best (and even the worst) in many of us and allow us to experience a joy that wells up within our soul and a heartache that can be devastating.

Most of us give our life fighting for, loving, giving, working and caring for these passions in hopes to improve, live out and experience whatever that passion is. I am not just talking about something you like to do but the thing that brings you life and rocks you at your core! For some this is raising a family, for others it’s becoming the best at something (sport, art, music, dance, etc.), for most of us at DMU it’s medicine, and the list goes on and on.

If you know me well at all you have probably heard me talk about this passion of mine so much you are sick of it! I have a passion to care for, love and serve the underserved. Those people looked over by society because it’s easier than actually doing something, those born into a life they don’t deserve, those surrounded by poverty and strife and those just plain lacking hope. Ever since I can remember I have had this passion and it seems to be growing by the minute. I am not sure how it will play out, how it will be used in my future or where I will end up but I know this passion of mine is not a coincidence and I hope it will be used to change the lives of others throughout the world (corny but so true)!

So with all that said, I can now get to the point of this entire blog. I recently found a video that depicts in picture the heartache I feel and the longing I have to love and serve children around the world who have never been given a chance. Sorry for the religious commentary if that’s not your thing but I promise this video will move something in you and is worth the watch. Warning: this video is sad and graphic.

Daley Dodd was born and raised in the little ol’ town of Newton, IA. Growing up involved sports, dance, clubs and anything under the sun that could keep the family busy. This busy bee life flowed over into her college years at Northwest Missouri State University. She was a member of the Northwest Dance team, taught dance at a local studio, a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority and involved in Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC). After college Daley journeyed on over to Europe and had the time of her life. While there she worked for CCC and got to experience new cultures, foods and people. After a year abroad her cravings for American food got the best of her and she came home. After living in Nebraska a year she decided to jump back on the school ship and came to DMU. She has loved her experience here so far and can’t wait for everything to come.


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    i think passion is something which gives you power and motivation to do effort but first you should discover your passion

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    I don’t know what my passion is!!

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    Hey really nice to hear from you again Daley.Really missed your posts a lot.It was great to read about all the various things you have said and described the word “passion”.I think this is the first time i am reading a real serious post from you.Yeah i am aware of your passion and really appreciate it.Wish you all the best in your endeavors.The video is really very touchy..couldn’t see the entire thing.

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    Interesting how we all have different interests, tastes, wants and desires. My passion is for my family and using my knowledge and skills to make a difference.

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    Passion is derived from Latin word(passio) meaning suffering!!The word patients also connects with the same Latin root.
    Suffering can not be completely eliminated?

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    Hi Daley,
    Great post.. I agree with you, I believe everyone has a passion even if they haven’t discovered yet what it is. I think I have several passions myself..

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    My passion is painting. I find what your passion is is not as important as having one. It does something for the mind it develops you. Not everything can be expressed in commin terms but people can communicate through what they are passionate about.