Music rocks! (ha ha)

January 16, 2010 —

It's Brett!

It's Brett!

I have an obsession with anything related to music: radio, Ipod, dancing, “American Idol” (whoot whoot), Pandora (if you don’t know what that is…you should find out cause it rocks), musicals, operas, etc. So back in November I was just itching to see a concert as I hadn’t been to one in quite some time. So I Googled for concerts in Des Moines hoping that anything would pique my interest. Not only did I find a concert that did but he is one of my MOST favorite artist ever….Brett Dennen.

Most of you probably don’t know who he is since he is a small artist, but you should go to Youtube right now and check out “ain’t no reason” or “she’s mine.” He has a pretty strange voice so you either love him or hate him…and lucky for me I LOVE HIM. So I bought tickets, went with friends and had a blast. It was such a good time and he was so good in concert.

Maybe even the best part of the night was finding a new band that I LOVE. I had no clue going into the concert who the opening band was and expected to just listen to some mediocre music.  But instead I was blown away by them and fell in love with the singer, Grace’s voice….awesome. They are Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (check them out too). So all in all I had a great night. YEAH to Des Moines for filling my music cravings.

Daley Dodd was born and raised in the little ol’ town of Newton, IA. Growing up involved sports, dance, clubs and anything under the sun that could keep the family busy. This busy bee life flowed over into her college years at Northwest Missouri State University. She was a member of the Northwest Dance team, taught dance at a local studio, a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority and involved in Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC). After college Daley journeyed on over to Europe and had the time of her life. While there she worked for CCC and got to experience new cultures, foods and people. After a year abroad her cravings for American food got the best of her and she came home. After living in Nebraska a year she decided to jump back on the school ship and came to DMU. She has loved her experience here so far and can’t wait for everything to come.


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    We both have the same obsession.Happy to hear that you found a concert not only worthwhile but had a blast too!good for you.Nope i haven’t heard either about Brett Dennen or Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.Will certainly look them up on Youtube and listen to their music.Look forward to more music related news from you.Thanks.

  • Kevin Tuck

    Great to hear some different artists that you’ve not heard about before. It often happens like that if you don’t go out – you don’t get to hear anyone!