Maintaining beauty can be so expensive

January 20, 2010 —

…but it doesn’t always have to be.

1159234_hairdresser_2How much do you pay  for a decent haircut these days? The guys seem to have it easy for this one. My husband-to-be gets his haircut for $15 (tip included) and I am just so envious. A typical haircut at a normal salon might cost me at the very least $35 without a tip. Although he goes more often, maybe 2 times a month, than I could ever imagine going (once a year at the most), I have found a reason to maintain my mane a little more often.

The Aveda Institute is a beauty school that also provides services ranging from facials to haircuts for much cheaper than a stand-alone salon.  Although a student, rather than a licensed professional, is practicing their skills on live people, I paid $16 for a mini-scalp massage (so soothing!), shampoo & conditioner, trim, blow dry and style and all I had to do was sit in a chair and relax to the groovy music. I feel so spoiled.

I loved having the student take care of me. She was meticulous and made sure I left happy with my new do. I loved how she cared about her work and more importantly my hair. I wish I knew about this place before.

Tea Nguyen is a dual degree D.P.M./M.P.H. student at DMU. She was born in Utah but raised in California and left the great state to be at one of the best podiatry school in the country.

She has aspirations in international medical service trips and hopes to hit several continents during this lifetime. Traveling is also on the top of her to-do list and she often reminisces about her prior travels to Italy, France and Greece. She also enjoys eating adventures with her boyfriend Paul and is a major food-snacker. It is not uncommon to find her lapsed in a food coma in the middle of her studies.


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  • 美容

    I’m glad I would read this article. Thx for your share. I should support to you.